Everything That Rocks CJAY 92 now ROCKS YOUR CELL!
And now we have made it even easier to get in contact with your favorite radio station instantly!
Using TEXT CJAY, you can chat with your favourite CJAY 92 DJ's, win great prizes and more...all without ever getting a busy signal. All you have to do is:
Text your inquiry to us at: 929292


What is text message or SMS?
SMS or text message is an alphanumeric message that you can send or receive on your cellular phone. Text messaging is a fast and efficient way to inform someone without disturbing her/him. On average,  Canadians send 30 Millions SMS / day.

I'm a little behind the times, how can I learn to text?
Each phone has a different process to open the text messaging and write a message, don't hesitate to check your handset user guide, or visit your wireless carrier's web site. Aliant, Bell, Fido, MTS, Telebec, Telus, Rogers, Videotron, Virgin

What is a shortcode?
It is a 5-6 digits number used by companies instead of the regular 10 digits number. They are easier to remember, and works with all wireless carriers. To send a message to CJAY 92, you have to use the short code 929292 as destination telephone number. In plain english, type in your message to CJAY 92 and then send it to 929292.

Will the DJ's see my messages?
The CJAY 92 DJ's will see all the messages on our live feed in the CJAY 92 Studios.
We read all messages sent to us and reply as soon as we can.
We may even read your text live on the air!

How often can I send text message?
There is no limitation, you can text as often as you want with the CJAY 92 DJ's and participate in contests whenever applicable

Which communication companies offer the service?
All the major wireless carriers in Canada offer the service through common short code initiative.

How much does it cost to send a text message?
Standard rates apply for all text message inquiries sent to 929292 by your wireless carrier directly on your phone bill.

What do we do with the collected information?
By participating in CJAY 92 mobile services, you accept to receive information about CJAY 92 and its partners.

How can I contact you if I need help?
Please email for any mobile services questions and customer service


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