I’d like to start with a quote.

 ”What is wrong with you?" 


Hi, I'm JD. I like sports, loud things, good beer and great wine. I have a dog that I take way too many pictures of. I'm currently working on my first screenplay, Mighty Ducks 4. I’m a diehard Edmonton Oilers & Buffalo Sabres fan, which could explain why this radio program is always, at absolute best, mediocre. And finally, for tax purposes, my marital status: FOREVER ALONE.

But in all seriousness, I grew up listening to this radio station, so there's no greater thrill for me than getting to hang out here on a daily basis. It’s my job to make your workday suck less, from 10-2 every day, until I am inevitably fired.

Oh, and I’ve got a couple of regular blogs too:


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And finally, one more quote:

 “You should probably work on a backup career plan, in case this doesn’t work out.”


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