Gerry Forbes Secret Wish

The Gerry Forbes Secret Wish program is a year round effort by CJAY 92 to help Calgarians who could use a hand up in difficult times. 

If you know of a family who could use a hand up please nominate them below for the Gerry Forbes Secret Wish. This is not a contest but rather Calgarians helping Calgarians. The Gerry Forbes Secret Wish is funded by the CJAY 92 Kids Fund. Therefore we only help families with children and limit Secret Wish recipients to the Calgary area. And you cannot nominate yourself...

For more information on the CJAY 92 Kids Fund click here.

If you would like to nominate a family for the Gerry Forbes Secret Wish, fill out the request form below.


Secret Wish Nomination Form

Thank you for nominating a family for the Gerry Forbes Secret Wish.  Below is a questionnaire that needs to be filled out in order to complete your nomination.    

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  2. We understand that a lot of families are one-parent households.  If this is the case with the family you are nominating, please enter "n/a" under the absent parents name.  You will also be required to enter n/a under childrens names if there are less than five in order to continue with your submission.

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A sampling of the Thank-You’s we’ve received from the Secret Wish:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so very, very much for the wonderful gifts you brought me this morning.  This has been such a tremendously difficult journey for me and my son over the past few months and just when I thought it was coming to an end, and we could get back to a normal life, I learn I have more hospitals, more chemo and more mountains to overcome down the road.  As a single parent I'm used to dealing with things that just "pop up".  I would dig a hole under, climb over or find away around it.  Unfortunately, cancer isn't like that, I actually have to go "through" this one and that's very hard for me to wrap my mind around. Starting Monday, September 12, I will be admitted to hospital for the week for aggressive chemo treatments as well as the 12th of every month thereafter for 6 months.  
I believe everyone has a monster.  For some it's diabetes, others have heart problems and my monster is cancer. I've never been afraid of it just annoyed, frustrated and angry with the inconvenience it has caused in my life right now.  I'm the only person in the world my son has (besides my brother) and I am fighting this battle for him.  He still needs his mom right now and I still have too much stuff that needs done.
Thank you all for caring, loving, giving, praying and hoping!!!  Cuz, when all is said and done, that’s all that really matters.
-Kim (Secret Wish Mom)

Thanks so much for making us one of your Christmas Wish families!  You have no idea how much of an impact the new intercom has made in our world!  It is such a relief to be able to monitor my daughter’s seizures from anywhere in the house!  The kids are still enjoying the gifts you brought them and I was able to put the cash and gift cards to good use, and we had a holiday season we will always remember!
-Paula (Secret Wish Mom)

Thank you so much for the gifts that you gave our family.  We were and still are overwhelmed by your kindness and generousity.  What a huge blessing that was to us.  The toys you brought are very special to the kids.  I cannot tell you much the gift certificates and money have helped.  They are awesome.  Just wanted to say a very big thank you and let you know what a blessing you are to us.
-Clare (Secret Wish Mom)

You and your company’s kindness have touched our hearts and given us strength to go forward with hope and a sense of renewal.
-Harold (Secret Wish Dad)

My sister called me this afternoon, her voice full of relief as she told me about the “anonymous” nomination she received through your radio station.  She is thrilled to have been thought of – even though she doesn’t know who it was!
-Lisa (Secret Wish Nominator)

I just wanted to encourage you all on your path to love those in the low places in life.  I can only imagine the hand-up you’ve all been to those who needed that little extra inspiration to keep going.  I know I’m not alone when I say Calgary wouldn’t be the same without you.  
-Anonymous (Listener)

Our family was granted a Wish in memory of my husband.  He had a brain tumor and passed away in January.  Our son is still battling liver cancer as well.  The gift cards and money that you gave us is helping more than you could ever know.  We are so thankful to everyone that made this possible.  We are truly grateful and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
-Bernadette (Secret Wish Mom)