An Interesting Time For Canadian TV!

With the NFL season now upon us everyone is looking forward to a better Super Bowl than last years thrashing of the Bronco’s by Seattle, its also in a better place for Canadians to actually make a trip down to see it live.

This years Super Bowl is in Arizona on Feb 1st 2015 and tickets range from just over 2 grand to about 8 grand for a single club seat, this translates to I’m going to Phoenix to watch it in a bar.

If you are staying back here in Canada the big frustration is we never get to see any of those great Super Bowl advertisements that companies spend millions on just to be forced to watch the ones slotted in by Canadian stations.

The Canadian Radio Television Commission may make a change to that under a couple new proposals and its not good news for Canadian Television stations that reap the benefits of selling those replacement ads.

The name for running one ad over the American is called “Simsub” short for simultaneous substitution and is quite a lucrative proposition for the Canadian carriers here north of the border. 

The CRTC is in the midst of discussion on ending this process and having forums on what people think about changing the regulation.

Canada’s cable and satellite companies are treading softly hoping this all goes away because it makes the TV industry huge money somewhere in the 200 million dollar range, certainly not chump change.

As you might imagine the TV industry has come out against this new idea and with already plummeting stock prices because of Net flicks and streaming services they want to put the brakes on this idea.

The big problem comes from the consumer, who has a huge appetite for the newest the latest and those funny Super Bowl ads.

The way things are changing so quickly with on-demand and cable streaming most say its time to buck up and do away with the substitution.

The big question also points to how do you advertise in Canada to Canadian viewers without having to pay what the huge corporation in the U.S. do.

The Television rights are different in both countries so this is still a big discussion that I don’t think will change things till they come to some sort of resolution with Canadian Cable and TV suppliers.

I suppose the best way to see the advertising is still on the internet, in the past three years companies have taken advantage of You Tube’s Ad Blitz channel and just run the ads a few days early to make sure everyone gets a shot at seeing them.

When it comes right down to it, it protects the rights of broadcasters, which is not a big concern to the consumer but it is to big business and it does generate advertising dollars in Canada where the money stays here at home.

It also promotes local broadcasting and pays for you local newscast daily and Canadian content you see on your TV and its good for the Canadian economy.

So in a nutshell it would be nice to see all the American advertising during the Super Bowl but probably better for the economy and broadcasters if we just watch them on the net before the big game.

The forum continues through the month of September with discussions going back and forth with the regulator and those who supply your signals, we are living in interesting times.

For the health of Canadian TV should this happen the broadcasters have asked for some American TV to be blacked out during certain periods to make it feasible to run a successful Canadian station and prude programming here.

I think I can watch it on the net and be able to get some local news and weather without having to use Flipboard and Twitter  every time I need my fix.

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