Ladies And Gentlemen, Start Your Campaign Engines!

They are at the post and they are off, tomorrow the vote opens to all PC Party members, by now you should have your membership card, your pin number or special instructions to text your vote for one of the three candidates.

All the Leadership campaigns have been tainted by small scandals, phones, membership buying, homophobic accusations, all part of what to expect these days in politics.

All three have run so far away from Alison Redford’s leadership they wouldn’t say hi at Sobey’s if they met in the meat department.

They all agree we need to stay on top of the environment and all of them have different ways of going about it, Lukaszuk  likes levies, McIver likes regulations and lowering our carbon footprint and prentice wants to ditch the coal and move on working with big oil.

They all care about education, they all think its being badly managed and they all think this is a hot button, they all want to be creative as to where we need schools, so really no answer is clear here.

As far at The Heritage Fund, you know they will all dip into it if the Oil head south, we are all hoping it won’t but in the meantime they all speak of rebuilding the fund for what it was created for in the first place which is the future of our children again no concrete plan on how to do it when we keep dipping in.

As far as Government and the PC Party trying to gain some trust back and some fiscal responsibility they all pipe up loud and clear.

The fact that Lukaszuk wants to appoint a watchdog budget office is pretty much what they have now that nobody pays any attention to (See Sky Palace).

Ric McIvor tried a little humour in his answer, problem being nobody is laughing anymore and Prentice wants an Accountability Act to deal with the shady stuff ol' Red was pulling.

It would be a lot better night if they just had to deal with the issues and not the garbage that’s been going on since they appointed their last mistake, lets not make another , Alberta can’t afford it.

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