So Long Big Red!

The jokes have already begun, Alison Redford resigns the P.C Party to become Westjet travel consultant and Redford donates her severance pay to be used for doing politician background checks.

The word came yesterday and it was way too late, all agree that the prudent thing to do was resign as the Premier and MLA at the same time and be done with it, especially since three guys are fighting it out to replace her because of the controversy that decimated her political career.

It was amazing to watch this from the start, the way Alison was elected, kicking Gary Mar to the curb and the inside leaks about being a bully.

If you believe in Karma you would have seen this coming long ago, the Sky Palace, the $45.000 trip to South Africa for nelson Mandela’s funeral, then the use of government aircraft for her personal use and taking kids in tow.

She even fought the allegations to the end saying “she would be surprised if these allegations were true.”

It is hard to imagine the entitlement and arrogance that went along with this, a couple of years ago I interviewed her on my CJAY92 radio show and told her she was crazy for taking this job, turns out I was right.

It will be a big black mark on the parties history when you hit the Redford years, the many calls from inside the party asking her too consider stepping down and her refusal until she was ready and it was too late to save any kind of face.

Interesting to see she said there were mistakes made and not to say I made mistakes, it says a lot about the woman who was disgraced and booted out of politics by those who elected her.

It will be a telling time for those in the party to try and right this ship that has hit the rocks.

If the Wildrose can’t make some kind of a run at leading the province they may as well fold their cards and close up shop, sad days indeed.

Alison will go back to being a lawyer , and as they say in the profession and her political life case closed!

- Ger

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