Alison Wonderland

Is there anyone in the Province who feels sorry or some sort of compassion for Alison Redford? The answer is no. Its like Mutiny on the Bounty and everyone is trying to distance themselves from what has become a huge political liability.

I opened the phones and I could only air about 30% of the phone calls from a very disappointed and downright hostile crowd.

They said fire her, take her pension, move her to B.C. some said make an example of her and put her in the same cell as Mike Duffy.

Those were the nice calls and not one out of 175 phone calls and texts had any compassion for a woman who must be going through hell trying to explain this to her daughter Sarah.

The good ship Alison never came out of the port without damage already done, people calling her a bully and saying her ego was like that of a dictator not a public servant, as one caller put it before this she was justice minister now lets see some justice done.

Susan Elliot a fabulous lady and a key part of the Provincial Political scene and Alison’s former campaign minister was so shocked she was quoted as saying “I have never seen so much public hatred and distain for a politician like I have in this case.”

It is truly remarkable that all of this was going on and nobody in the party did anything to stop it, was it fear or stupidity?

Ric McIver said he knew she liked to fly alone but he said this would all be disclosed in public documents, so why didn’t he do something, he hasn’t been asked that yet, and Thomas Lukaszuk is now saying lets investigate and if its true lets shoot her out of this party on a missile.

Jim Prentice is also saying if this stands the way it’s looking now she will be punted like a football, sorry like a football with a huge severance and pension.

You know the way this works, if she’s guilty and its criminal make her go to jail, don’t pass go don’t collect a pension.

The other personal flying was enough to get her tossed as Premier and although she paid back the money she misappropriated it was still too much for her party and the people who elected her.

This has got to be the biggest nightmare for the Alberta Progressive Conservatives, where else do you see a party holding power for 45 continuous years without a challenge?

The Wildrose thought they had it in the bag last election till a couple of morons were pushed into the forefront weeks before the election and down the tubes they went.

Poor old Ralph would be rolling over in his grave if could see the nonsense going on today.

Big Oil love Jim Prentice and he will be the guy who will have to clean up this mess, I think everyone in the party had best google the word integrity and see what it really means and if I was Sky King Redford I’d move to Ottawa, there must be a senators job coming up.


- Ger 

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