Taxi Yak Bags?

Well once again after careful consideration we do have more taxis on city streets just driver who don’t want to drive at night because they have to deal with party goers and drunks leaving the bars downtown.

The problem being that’s the way it works, the reason they are calling a taxi is because they usually have had too much to drink or they would have taken their car and driven home, the best case scenario is we get drunks off the road and we don’t annoy the drivers who have to pick you up.

This is where city council dropped the ball, they passed legislation that states if you throw up in a taxi you will be charged a hundred dollars, I can just see a drunk getting that news in the back of a cab when you are already hammered.

Problem being a drunk will take a swing at a cabby before coughing up a hundred bucks and cops will be following taxis all night like they do in Las Vegas.

Here is where the good news comes in, we discussed this scenario on my CJAY92 radio show and listeners came up with a great idea, sickness bags like you find on jetliners sponsored by the bars and various business that want a good public profile.

It’s amazing that nobody else has thought about this but I do have some amazing listeners who always come through.

The cost of advertising on the bags offsets the cost of making them and everyone wins.

On the side you could also include bar codes that could be scanned for coupons and late night restaurants in case they need a bite on the way home.

This would provide an emergency outlet in case somebody unloaded the nights party into the back of a taxi. It avoids a fight and everyone leaves safe and sound, just a suggestion but it seems like a good one.



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