License to Ill

Well, like it or not, Alberta is getting new license plates for your car, truck, trailer or RV.  As a matter of fact, a lot of people don’t want the new license plates because they like the old ones that say Wildrose Country.

And of course Danielle Smith found another reason to say they are being picked on and shame on the Tories for their decision to remove the Wildrose because that’s the big blue machine's political nemesis.

Brandon Webber is a writer and on-line activist and he has started a petition to keep the old plates because he says the new ones aren’t needed, Albertans were not consulted on the matter, he also says the design rationale has merit.

The fact of the matter is a lot of people who are design consultants would do a better job than the government has done with both the design and the message.

They have removed the Wildrose Country and added for easy reminders of the website.  Many think this is cold and doesn’t reflect the spirit of Alberta.

Many others think we could have some other slogans like, "We drive faster than B.C." or possibly the "Home of Photo Radar".

Other ideas included "Canada’s gateway to the oil sands" (probably not a great idea if you are traveling east) and my favorite "Conservative Country".

I also think the is kind of cold and stupid.  I think even a moron could find our website.  The Keystone protestors sure seem to find it on a daily basis.

And of course there are those who live in Edmonton and can’t see the Rocky Mountains who say putting the snowcapped rocks on there a kick in the face.

Maybe we could have Edmonton and Calgary plates to separate the parts of this fine province, I think they will probably have to get Wayne Gretzky’s permission to use his likeness up there cause it would beat the picture of a mall.

They will have a reflective coating on them so the cops can see your better at night should you be a nuisance or a constant speeder through red light cameras. I have no problem with that.

I find the entire thing somewhat amusing seeing as when I am down in Arizona I notice they have some 10 or 15 different types of plates that include their football and basketball teams which I think is pretty cool.

They had better make sure there are still special plates for the veterans or they will find themselves with yet another fight.

By the way its going to cost you another five bucks off your hard earned paycheck to get your new plates which is the real travesty, sort of like those Building Alberta signs that were as popular as wet dog fur.

So you still get to vote, if you feel it's that important, until august 19th.  I Personally don’t care so I will just cough up more cash like we have all learned to do.

A reminder from the Premier - we still pay 11% less than the national average for registration so get over it. Ok, I already am.

- Ger

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