Cowboy Appetit!

The Calgary Stampede came out of the chutes like a wild and wooly bull on Friday with a tremendous parade led by The Shat. Cowboys was packed to the rafters as usual, but today we are going to talk about my food walk I did on Friday afternoon that left me full till Saturday night.

Its time to strap on the feedbag down at the fair and get set for some good old food that rivals a USA country fair.

First I had to go for the mini-donuts. I don’t care if they have been around since I was two, and these little gut bombs are an epicurean delight, this year they have kicked it up with red velvet cake batter and a warm glaze - A1 but I still prefer the sugar ones or the cinnamon, maybe juts tradition on my part.

I will avoid the scorpion pizza because that’s for drunk people trying to prove a point and move right onto The poutine burger, I am a burger expert seeing as that’s 70% of my normal diet and this messy little bun full of fun knocks it out of the park - fries, gravy, Quebec cheese curds and a great big Kaiser bun make this one a must, this is the best reason why Quebec should never separate.

The Porcupine Corn dog is an interesting little item. I’m not much of a corn dog guy preferring the standard foot-long with inions but this was quite good, they do a hotdog skewered in corn batter but then roll it in French fries and yes it looks like a porcupine but thank goodness tastes way better than one. I would have stuck a bunch of tooth picks in it to make it look more authentic but it stands well as prepared.

Bacon wrapped corn was kind of a disappointment. I would rather have them side by side, hard to chomp on the corn without ripping off the bacon anyway.

The bacon wrapped Hotdog is a winner because the bun holds the bacon on, have it with grilled onions bell peppers and a Zantac, you can’t go wrong.

Shelly Bo Belli decided to go with the Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ Skillet, this is a great blend of fried onions, cowboy potatoes, sausage and some spicy seasoning and is quite good, she followed that up with the Garlic chicken Kebabs, these were fantastic, Bobby Flay would be envious, lots of garlic soaked chicken and fresh veggies served on a kebab for easy eating while walking the midway.

For dessert we did the old Ice Cream Bar with nuts that’s been around for a million years and some new Chocolate dipped Cookie Dough on a stick and headed right for Jenny Craig.

It’s amazing the new stuff they come up with every year to tempt our taste buds but my hat goes off to you Calgary Stampede you have done it again, see yah at the grounds food lovers.

 - Ger

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