No Senate? No Problem.

I have been watching the train wreck that involves the three stooges Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau, ditched because of gross negligence and misconduct involving the old expense account and yes they are guilty as charged.

The Senate was initiated to provide an independent point of view not be an open expense account for doing business other than what they were appointed to do, they have clearly failed at this.

Of course they will still get their benefits and pension, which is a joke in of itself, in the public sector, is would be the golden handshake.

These people make $132 thousand dollars a year plus expenses, obviously they didn’t read the fine print in this section not expecting an audit, they also get more money for being a committee chair or speaker so you can pad that bill too.

A Senator costs the Canadian taxpayer $106,264.111 a year including contributions to the pension plan, highway robbery for sure.

They are appointed by the Governor General on recommendations from the Prime Minister, sort of like a gift for behaving within the party by obeying the big cheese, they are usually former party officials or media folks who asked the easy questions hence Pammy and Mike.

Senate expenses can go as high as 300 grand a year, but we aren’t allowed to have a gander at it cause it’s all hush hush, they operate in secret with your money messed up huh?

They are supposed to be a neutral bunch to give a sober second thought to what they are trying to ram through in The House of Commons and represent different parts of the country.

Get this they only work three days a week for 29 weeks a year, pretty sweet gig if you ask me.

Basically they don’t really have any mandate from any Canadian in the country and are unelected and unaccountable for unaccountable see Mayor Rob Ford another political disaster.

Brad Wall the Premier of Saskatchewan wants to abolish the Senate and has introduced a government motion for doing exactly that god bless him, and he says that it no longer serves any useful purpose, with previous scandals I also doubt it ever did.

Lets face it if you are unelected and unaccountable at least up till this point that wouldn’t want this job?

Its not easy to get rid of the freeloaders either, it is mandated by the Canadian constitution so the only way to sweep them out the door is to have seven provinces with fifty percent of the population agree, hard to do with special interest groups but its still my dream.

Other countries with way more sense than ours have don’t just that and gotten rid of the Senate Australia and Sweden come to mind with more than a half dozen others.

The NDP is doing their best to drum up support with an online petition and you can sign that if you feel they way most of Canada does.

You can also get behind Brad and write to your MP to let them know you would like your voice heard.

If not this will be gone in a month and its back at the trough, I hope you are as sick of this as I am.

 - Ger

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