Happy Thanksgiving!

Seems like yesterday I was watching the Labour Day Classic and know its Thanksgiving already as we gather to rip apart a bird with our families and give thanks for all the great stuff we have received.

First of all Moms and Dads, along with brothers and sisters.

Stuff we take for granted like an affordable home to live in because of a stable banking system, that being said an affordable home in Arizona to live in when winter arrives for snowbirds because of an unstable banking system in the United States.

Healthcare although its far from perfect, I have Canadian friends in the U.S. playing three to four grand a month just for coverage to ensure they will be looked after if something happens while they are working down there.

We should be thankful for having mountains just 45 minutes away from Calgary, if you haven’t been to Canmore and Banff for a while you are missing the best part of the province.

An LRT system that has gone leaps and bounds over the past year and is sprawling all across most sectors of the city and a transit system that is safe and well run.

For a Mayor who does what he said he would do and questions over runs, late construction and stupid ideas.

All of the great stuff that has opened up social media to make it easier and more affordable for everyone in the world to connect, like high speed internet, I pads, Androids and smart phones.

Twitter where you can send a message seen by thousands and responded to by those who take time to read the tweet.

For hundreds and hundreds of TV channels so you can turn off Honey Booboo and turn on a great movie.

We Are thankful for football, both CFL and NFL to get us through the hockey lockout which we will be thankful for when it hopefully ends in the dead of winter.

We should be thankful for a paper seven days a week, well one anyway and all the dedicated people who work in the service of others like Police Fire and EMS.

Very special thanks should go to those in the Canadian Armed Forces here and abroad to let them know how thankful we are that they keep us safe from Terror.

We are thankful for pets like the wonderful cats and dogs that enhance our lives and keep the elderly company when a spouse has passed.

We are thankful for places of worship where we all gather in fellowship and thankful we are free in our beliefs.

And yes thankful to be Canadian, still the best Country in the world that lets immigrants dream and lets those dreams flourish.

We are thankful for things as simple as rainbows, good friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

 - Ger

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