Kim Kardashian's Naked Photoshoot, 5 Things Hockey Fans Need To Know In September, How To Get The Best WiFi At Home, & Every Mumford Song Ever (In 1:14)!

  • Kim Kardashian’s Nude GQ Photos, The Internet Made Me…

…I didn’t actually finish the blog until a few minutes ago, because I’m pretty torn about this first link. I tossed and turned a bit last night, thinking about it. You see, I’m no more of a Kim Kardashian fan than you are. I think the consensus is that Kim’s exactly the kind of celebrity we’ve got no time for. That was until yesterday, when these photos dropped. All the trends online showed that this is what people want(ed), so we’re going with it. While I think the fact GQ named Kim K their “Woman Of The Year” is bullshit, apparently people want the nude photo shoot that came with it:

  • 5 Things Hockey Fans Need To Know In September!

…36 more days until the NHL’s regular season kicks off, and hot damn, it can’t come soon enough. New coaches, rule changes, new jerseys, there’s some stuff you might need to get caught up on. Here’s 5 things that hockey fans need to know in September:

  • How To Get The BEST Wi-Fi At Home.

…one of the beauties of the Internet in 2014 is that those of us who aren’t so science-savvy can just sit back and read the cool stuff that the nerds come up with. No need to be scientifically gifted anymore, we’ll just network with those who are, and glean their best stuff. Case in point? Some physicist has determined the absolute best place to place your router in your home, for the best WiFi possible:

  • Every Mumford Song, In 1:14.

…and finally, this video’s still technically unlisted on YouTube, but it’s in the neighbourhood of 500,000 views in 24 hours. Whether you’re a fan of Mumford and Sons or a hater, we can all agree that this dude nailed it, with a video he calls “Every Mumford And Sons Song Basically”!

  • Want More DUDE Stuff?

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