Mr.Skin's Top 15 Nude Scenes, Space Whiskey, The Mario And Luigi Voice Guy's Instagram, & School Of Fish And Chips!

  • Mr.Skin’s Top 15 Greatest Nude Scenes!

…I think the celebrity nudes scandal of the past few days really put a few noses outta joint…including Mr.Skin’s. In case you don’t know, Mr.Skin is the authority on celebrity nudity, when it comes to it’s appearance in TV and film. So perhaps as a response, or maybe just in an act of incredible timing, Mr.Skin has released his list of the 15 greatest nude scenes of all time. See if you agree:

  • Space Whiskey?!

…did anyone else not know that we sent whiskey to space? Along with oak? Apparently it was a joint effort between some Texans and Kazakhstanians, to see if space whiskey tastes any different than earth whiskey. Apparently, it’s on it’s way back now, aged 3 years in space, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m intrigued:

  • The Mario And Luigi Guy Has A CRAZY Instagram.

…I’m not sure the people at Nintendo know about it, but the dude that voices Mario and Luigi for them has a pretty interesting Instagram account. And by interesting, I mean weird and possibly deep-end crazy. The old guy basically just runs around with little Mario and Luigi dolls, making voices for them. I can’t make this shit up:

  • School Of Fish And Chips!

…and finally, this Friday’s Man Vs Food II challenge is “School Of Fish And Chips” down at The Blind Monk. Wanna see what that looks like? This is what you could be eating on Friday:

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