Another Reason To Dislike Johnny Football, Snoop Dog Aka Snoop Todd, Saints Row Is About To Get Even Weirder, & Sergei Fedorov Was AWESOME.

  • Another Reason To Hate Johnny Football.

…I bet you think there’s no way you could dislike Johnny Manziel any more than you currently do, right? The general perception would be that, regardless of how talented he is, Johnny Football’s a bit of a d-bag diva. Well brace yourself, because it’s about to get even worse. Johnny’s got a hot girlfriend. A REALLY hot girlfriend. So now we can “envy” to the list of emotions that Manziel makes us feel. Have a look:

  • Snoop Dogg Aka Snoop Lion Aka…Todd?

…weird weekend for our old friend Snoop Dogg. I don’t know if Snoop’s just bored, or has a new dealer, or what exactly’s going on in these videos. He’s decided to start filming himself dressed up as a white guy with big hair and glasses, named “Todd”. He’s been cruising around LA in this Todd costume, with no real reason given. Some people are offended, others think it’s hilarious, but the majority of us just can’t figure it out. Meet Todd:

  • Saints Row is About To Get Even Weirder.

…if you’re not familiar with the “Saints Row” video game franchise, it’s basically just an even more ridiculous take on Grand Theft Auto. Their next instalment has been unveiled, for release in 2015, and it’ll feature a bunch of gangsters doing battle with Satan, in “Gat Out Of Hell”. Seriously.

  • Sergei Fedorov Was Awesome.

…and finally, let’s all just take a moment and remember what a fun hockey player Sergei Fedorov was to watch. Like the time he singlehandedly beat the Washington Capitals, scoring all 5 goals in a 5-4 OT victory:

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