Keira Knightley Topless, Back To The Future: Now & Now, An Ode To Costco Food, & Man Vs Food: THE MASSIVE BURGER!


…let’s not mess around here, friends. There’s one real big, above-all-else reason to click today’s blog, and we’ll open with it. Keira Knightley, topless. This isn’t a hoax, a means of luring you in, for web hits. It’s the real deal. The photos dropped yesterday for a magazine called Interview, and…oh who am I kidding? You just want the link, you’re not listening anymore. OK, here’s Keira Knightley, topless:

  • Back To The Future: Now And Now?

…you’re familiar with the concept of a “then & now” gallery, right? Really popular with old TV shows. Websites will do side by sides of what the cast of Home Improvement looked like then, and what they look like now, right? Well, I guess we’d call this one a “now & now”? It’s 4 characters from Back To The Future, as the movie thought they’d look in the future, side by side with how they actually look in 2014.

  • An Ode To Costco Food.

…anyone wit a Costco membership knows - it’s only half about the deals on bulk stuff. A good chunk of why us members love Costco access? The food. Glorious Costco eats. I like to think there’s gonna be a Costco food court in heaven. Anyway, I didn’t know until yesterday, but Costco food is different by region, meaning there’s different menu items in different areas. Here’s a full break down: …because DUDE News?

  • Think You Can Take The Massive Burger?

…and finally, speaking of food, our first episode of Man Vs Food II goes down TOMORROW night at The Blind Monk. It’s “The Massive Burger” on deck, which could grab you the weekly prize, and get you entered for $1000 at The Last Supper. If you wanna sign your ass up for tomorrow night, hit the Man Vs Food portion of And here’s a look at The Massive Burger:

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