Katy Perry's In Town, Jax Is Gonna Play A Historical Figure, The Sean Avery/Joe Sakic Story, & JCVD's New Coors Light Commercial!

  • Katy Perry’s In Town, Here’s A Refresher!

…Katy Perry’s in town tonight, you guys. Before someone goes all, “NO ONE CARES DOOOOOD, THIS IS A ROCK STATION, NOT A POP STATION!!!!!!”, just hang on and listen to my logic in mentioning this. Katy Perry’s a friggin’ smokeshow, a smokeshow also known for wandering the city on days of concerts. When I was in Edmonton a few years ago, she was spotted all over time, riding a bike, buying coffee for people, and being really hot. So there’s a real chance you could see her in Calgary today. In which case, you should probably be freshened up on what she looks like. For that, we’ll go to these Katy photos from GQ earlier this year. Do your best to maintain eye contact if you see her around YYC today: http://goo.gl/DtjR6c

  • Jax Is Gonna Play A Historical Figure!

…there’s basically two schools of thought. People who think Sons Of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam is a solid actor, or those that just think he makes a convincing badass and serves as eye candy. Either way, it makes this piece of news interesting. The dude who plays Jax every week in SoA has just signed on to play a pretty significant historical character: http://goo.gl/KF4uC5

  • The Sean Avery/Joe Sakic Trash Talk Story.

…hockey fans, here’s a cool one. An article from The Hockey News, about a time that Sean Avery tried to trash talk Joe Sakic…and was promptly put back in his place by another veteran: http://goo.gl/3aZMw8

  • Van Damme’s New Coors Light Ad Is Great!

…and finally, the new Coors Light ad with Jean Claude Van Damme is just plain awesome. And ridiculous. But so ridiculous, it’s awesome:

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