Kate Upton In The Other Woman, Another Disney Secret, Stallone's Mom Is In Better Shape Than You Or Me, & Dave Grohl/The Foo Fighters WIN The Ice Bucket Challenge!

  • Here’s Kate Upton In “The Other Woman”.

…since we’re on the topic, I figured I’d throw in a bunch of pictures of Kate Upton in “The Other Woman”. Ger’s got a point, man. I’m not saying I’ll vouch for the movie, but Kate did look great, including this scene on the beach, where she’s in the white bikini? CRIPES. Have a look: http://goo.gl/UYCmHe

  • Another Disney Secret?

…apparently, Disney’s been hiding something from us, in a TON of their movies, and it isn’t perverted. Everybody’s seen those weird sexual additions that’ve been snuck into Disney staples over the years, but this much, much simpler. A number. And it’s in a TON of animated movies you’ve seen it. Screenshots, and an explanation behind it, HERE: http://goo.gl/Eoe685

  • Stallone’s Mom Is Probably In Better Shape Than You.

…I don’t know what you were assuming Sylvester Stallone’s Mom looked like, but we’ve got her kicking off today’s DUDE News. Not because she’s a smoke show or anything, the woman's 92 for Christ’s sake. Anyway, apparently Mama Stallone is as much of a fitness freak as her son is. http://goo.gl/Z9hVb7

  • Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters Won Ice Bucket Challenge!

…and finally, I think Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters won the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday, as far as entertaining videos go. Bravo, boys: 

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