Help Pay Christy Mack's Doctors Bills, Ferrari F80, A Wireless Charging iPhone, & Anna Kendrick's Ice Bucket Challenge!

  • Help Christy Mack Pay Those Hospital Bills!

…adult film star Christy Mack is still recovering, after being attacked last week by her MMA fighter boyfriend, Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver. The story is unreal sad, and the assault has left Christy with significant recovery time ahead of her. And hospital bills. Which, as I’m sure you’re aware, can be a real battle in and of itself in the States. The porn community is really bonding together, helping crowd fund money online to help pay for Christy’s doctor expenses. More on that, and the link where you can donate, HERE:

  • The Ferrari F80 Is SEXY.

…some car porn for your Tuesday, too. The Ferrari F80 may only be a concept supercar, but HOT DAMN, 900 hp of sports car goodness, right HERE:

  • A Wireless Charging iPhone?!

…the iPhone rumours are starting to fly around, and while we’re still not TOTALLY sure what this thing’s gonna include, the consensus seems to be that we’ll see a couple of big developments for Apple’s signature. Maybe the biggest? Wireless charging:

  • Kelly Hrudey & Anna Kendrick Do Their Ice Bucket Challenges!

…and finally, more ice bucket challenges popped up online yesterday. We’ve basically hit the head of this thing, should be tapering off soon. By the way, a hats off to all involved, $11.4 million raised so far this year, compared to 1.7 over the same time frame last year. Here’s your pal Kelly Hrudey, and the love of my life Anna Kendrick, doing their challenges: 

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