Happy Belated Birthday Mila Kunis, NASA Might've Found Aliens, An Aquaman Movie, & The Outriders Accept Our #IceBucketChallenge!

  • Happy Late Birthday, Mila Kunis!

…yesterday was Mila Kunis’ birthday, and I totally forgot. THAT makes me a bad imaginary boyfriend. So sorry to Mila, but we’re gonna make it up today with a nice little gallery. 6 different times Mila Kunis won the Internet. SPOILER ALERT: the last item on the list doesn’t really count, it’s more gratuitous than anything. So this is essentially a list of 5, with bonus goodness you will truly appreciate at the end: http://goo.gl/UVDQmX

  • Did NASA Just Bump Across Some Aliens?!

…alien believers and fans of The X-Files, rejoice! This is the kinda vague proof that keeps our conspiracy theories well fuelled. Some people online REALLY believe that these new NASA images show an alien wandering around on the moon. You can be the judge: http://goo.gl/owi3yb

  • An Aquaman Movie?

…DC Comics has hired a couple of impressive writers to bang out a screenplay for Aquaman, which is kind of interesting. One, because of the Aquaman story and how translating it to the big screen might be a bit of a challenge. Two, because of the movies these 2 dudes are coming off of, which might give you a couple different ideas about what this movie’s vibe might be like: http://goo.gl/i0O9NM

  • The Outriders’ Ice Bucket Challenge!

…and finally, The Outriders accepted our Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday, and shot their video last night. I woke up this morning to a video of the entire Stamps cheer team dumping water on themselves, and now it’s all yours. You’re welcome: http://goo.gl/OIEGV0

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