Rest In Peace, Robin Williams.

  • Comedy Plays Tribute To Robin Williams.

…awful news yesterday, with Robin Williams passing on. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a reaction like we witnessed yesterday, especially with social media. In fact, you might say, with how quickly mediums like Facebook and Twitter are evolving, we’ve NEVER seen a reaction like we saw yesterday. A genuine outpouring of people touched by Robin. The comedy community, Sesame Street, the White House, all reaching out to pay respects. Here’s a collection of tweets:

  • The Robin Williams/Christopher Reeve Story.

…the Robin Williams stories are starting to pour in too, with people sharing different tales of brushes, dealings, and relationships they had with Robin. One of the coolest you’ll read? The story of how Robin Williams cheered up Christopher Reeve in his darkest hour:

  • The Best Of Robin Williams On YouTube!

…The Daily Dot is a website that’s always really on the ball, and they had a collection of YouTube links pertaining to Robin Williams done up by early yesterday evening. If you’ve got a few minutes, there’s some really cool clips in HERE:

  • Conan & Company Pay Tribute.

…and finally, a real-time reaction from Conan O’Brien yesterday, during the taping of his show last night. It’s from the very end of last night’s episode, when Conan, Andy Richter, and Will Arnett had just learned of Williams’ passing. It’s probably the most natural, honest paying of respect you’ll ever see:

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