New Latin American Ring Girls, Vancouver's $100 Hot Dog, The Last Of Us...Movie?, & Red Bull's $2,000,000 Stunt!

  • New Latin American UFC Ring Girls?!

…the UFC’s about to make it’s first big splash in Latin America, with The Ultimate Fighter:Latin America. Coaches Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum should give fans reasons to watch, but in case that’s not enough, they’ve recruited a couple new Octagon girls. Jamillette and Betzy, by name. Wanna get familiar?

  • The $100 Hot Dog?

…if fancy tubes of meat are your thing, Vancouver’s Dougie Dog has your name written all over it. The $100 Dragon Dog is soaked in $2,000 Cognac, topped with Kobe beef, lobster, truffle oil, and a secret sauce. I’d imagine if you’re paying $100 for a hot dog, the secret sauce might be YOU’RE AN IDIOT.

  • The Last Of Us…Movie?

…I gotta tell you, one of the biggest problems of having this many editions of DUDE News in the can? Sometimes I forget what we’ve covered, and what we haven’t. I know we’ve talked about how great of a game “The Last Of Us” is/was for the Playstation 3 & 4. But I don’t know if I’d mentioned that they’re doing a movie. It does seem a little silly, considering the whole thing kinda reminds you of “The Road”, starring Viggo Mortensen. Anyway, more on the movie HERE:

  • Red Bull’s $2,000,000 Stunt.

…and finally, this video showed up on my Reddit feed yesterday. Apparently, Red Bull paid some Australian moto dude $2 million to do this stunt. It’s pretty gnarly:

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