Charlotte Might Be The Next Kate Upton, More Outdoor Hockey In California, Push For Pizza, & Our First Full Length SoA Trailer!

  • The Next Kate Upton? You Decide.

…you get a label like “the next Kate Upton”, and all of a sudden, there’s a whole bunch of expectations cast upon you. Lotta pressure. Her name is Charlotte McKinney, and that’s been the comparison she and we have been hearing for the last year or so. She’s just done some new photos with Terry Richardson, too. That’ll only add fuel to the Kate Upton comparison fire. Have a look, and judge for yourself:

  • More Outdoor Puck In Cali, Apparently.

…if you missed it yesterday, the NHL announced another outdoor game for 2015. Apparently, more outdoor hockey in California. Yay. Details:

  • Push For Pizza Could Be A Game Changer!

…so the other day, I came across this app called “Push For Pizza”. Basically, you press one button on your phone’s screen, and fresh ‘za is on the way. Now be forewarned, I haven’t tested this bitch out, so if it’s something that only works in America, don’t shoot the messenger. Have a gander:


…and finally, our first full length trailer for the final season of Sons of Anarchy dropped yesterday, and HOT DAMN, is it September 9th yet?

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