Brittney Palmer Is Pretty AND Talented, Adam Sandler Is A Stand Up Dude, The R2-D2 Virtual Laser Keyboard, & Chris Pratt Raps Dr.Dre...PERFECTLY.

  • Brittney Palmer’s Not Just A Really Pretty Face.

…I think we can all agree on this one. A hot girl becomes even hotter when you find out she’s talented. Such is the case with our friend Brittney Palmer, UFC octagon girl whose talent goes far beyond just caring around numbered cards 3-5 times per fight, and sitting in a chair looking pretty. Turns out, Britt’s a pretty capable artist, too:

  • Adam Sandler Is A Stand-Up Guy.

…as much as Adam Sandler’s movies have gone downhill, it would seem that he’s still a REALLY good dude. Apparently, Sandler caught wind of a sick 8 year old boy, who really, REALLY wanted to hang with his favourite comedian. Adam called the little dude up directly, and shot the shit with him:

  • An R2-D2 Virtual Laser Keyboard?!

…a big thanks to Rockaholic Matthew Curtis, who sent me this link yesterday. If you don’t think a R2-D2 virtual laser keyboard sounds cool, what are we even doing here? Apparently, this a REAL THING:

  • Chris Pratt Rapping Dr.Dre Perfectly, Because Chris Pratt.

…and finally, congratulations to funny guy Chris Pratt, who’s officially a goddamn movie star, thanks to the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which pulled in 160 million last weekend. If you watch “Parks and Recreation”, you’ve known for a while now that Chris Pratt is a REALLY funny dude, who was bound to hit it big eventually. Here he is, being really likeable on YouTube, rapping, “Forgot About Dre”, perfectly:

...and how's this for an added bonus? This just showed up onlone this morning. Someone synched up the audio of Chris rapping with the Dr.Dre beat:

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