General Leigh Is My New Favourite Alt-Model, Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool, The Jaguars' New Screens Are HUGE, & Morgan Freeman Narrates The March Of The Juggalos!

  • General Leigh Is Here, With Red Hair And Tattoos.

…if you’re into girls with tattoos, I’ve got a young lady that warrants your attention to kick off today’s DUDE News. She goes by the name of General Leigh, she’s got bright red hair, and a bunch of ink, and runs a latex fashion company. Be forewarned, you might fall in love if you click HERE:

  • Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool?

…first piece of great news? Looks like we might get a Deadpool movie after all, with Ryan Reynolds playing the lead. Next piece of great news? Thanks to ComicCon, we got confirmation that there’s already footage of what that’d look like. If you’re at all into the comic book thing, you’ll wanna have a look:

  • The Jaguars’ New Screens Are INSANE.

…the Jacksonville Jaguars just unveiled their new scoreboard screens for EverBank Field, and they’re HUGE. We’re talking biggest-in-the-league-even-bigger-than-anything-in-Texas kinda big, you guys. Just enormous. 35.5 million pixels, 60 feet tall, 362 feet wide. Now if only they had football highlights worth showing on them! Have a look:

  • Morgan Freeman Narrating Juggalos Is Just The Best.

…and finally, Morgan Freeman narrating the March of the Juggalos. Because the Internet:

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