First Look At Wonder Woman, Take Concert Photos Without Being A Douche, Fedor's In Calgary This Weekend, & BatKid Begins!

  • First Look At Gal Gadot!

…we begin with a little piece of Comic Con goodness that I didn’t get to yesterday. The whole weekend is all about reveals, and we got our first look at Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, in “Superman Vs Batman: Dawn Of Justice”. AWESOME:

  • Take Concert Photos Without Being A Douche!

…how bout this? An app that dims your phone at concerts, meaning you can still take photos at the show, without annoying the piss outta everyone around you!

  • Fedor’s In Calgary This Weekend?!

…MMA fans here in Calgary, get stoked on this one. I actually just caught wind of this a couple of days ago, from a buddy. A true MMA legend, Fedor Emelianenko, is gonna be here, in Calgary, on Friday. And you can meet him!

  • BatKid Begins!

…and finally, remember BatKid, from last summer? The Make A Wish kid, who really wanted to be Batman? San Francisco embraced him, Twitter embraced him, and now, there’s a trailer for the documentary they made about the whole thing. “BatKid Begins”:

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