Ashley Sky's Too Hot For TV, FIFA 15 Looks Rad, Transformer Yacht, & Best Baseball Walk Up Song EVER!

  • Meet Ashley Sky, She’s Too Hot For TV!

…friends, there’s a new National location open down on Stephen Ave. The ol’ West patio spot. They had their big opening last night, and it was AWESOME. The only problem? Their bourbon slurp drinks went down WAY too easy. So this is an “emergency” edition of DUDE News, that I’ve been saving, for a day exactly like this. A “break glass in case of emergency” kinda situation. But don’t you worry, that doesn’t mean it’ll suck. As a matter of fact, I made sure this one is bulletproof. It starts with an absolute smokeshow. Her name’s Ashley Sky, she’s here modelling for Buffalo jeans, and this ad campaign got banned from TV for Super Bowl, the NBA All Star Game, and Jimmy Fallon’s premiere on The Tonight Show: …here’s some more photos, too:

  • FIFA 15: Preview!

…yesterday, we previewed NHL 15, so it seemed logical to spend a bit of time spotlighting another sports game that’s got people excited. FIFA 15 hits shelves in September, and for a lot of people, it’s not even about being a soccer fan. This is just always a real fun game to play:

  • The Transformer Yacht Looks CRAZY!

…I’m assuming none of us are in the running to buy a yacht, but a Transformer yacht is pretty cool to scope, regardless. The makers of this thing are obviously big fans of the Transformers movies, because that’s exactly what this thing is:

  • Best Walk Up Song Ever.

…and finally, remember Matthew McConaughey’s weird chest beating humming song in Wolf Of Wall Street? Well, one of the St.Louis Cardinals is using it as his walk-up music, and it’s hilarious:

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