Happy Birthday Torrie Wilson, NHL 15 Looks CRAZY (Really!), Kid Rock/Glass Dildo/ICP, & RE2PECT To Derek Jeter!

  • Happy 39th, Torrie Wilson!

…Happy Birthday, Torrie Wilson! No idea what she’s doing now, and frankly, a little too lazy to investigate. She’s definitely no longer wrestling, and she definitely doesn’t look years of age. Need proof? I got proof: http://goo.gl/SupKXO


  • EA Sports NHL 15 Looks SICK, For Real.

…holy hell, the next incarnation of EA Sports NHL looks CRAZY. I know, I know, there’s the dudes who’ll always react the same way to EA’s annual effort. “Yeah, I guarantee you this song is gonna SUCK!”. Pipe down, dudes. They’ve made some real changes this year. New announcers, gameplay upgrades, and a whole lot more effort put into the realism. Need proof? I got proof: http://goo.gl/OlcbGq

  • Kid Rock, A Glass Dildo, And The Insane Clown Posse.

…in one of the strangest pieces of news I’ve seen in quite some time, Kid Rock has been summoned to court. That part’s not surprising. They’re calling him to court to produce a glass dildo, in a court case against the Insane Clown Posse. Seriously. How the hell could I make this stuff up? http://goo.gl/e7KKhT

  • RE2PECT To Jeter!

…and finally, if you haven’t seen this “RE2PECT” video that Air Jordan made for their boy Derek Jeter, it’s cool as hell. Very fitting, as #2 gets ready to hang it up:

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