Warwick University Rowing Girls And Their Banned Calendar, SoA Cigars, Mighty Ducks Characters Ranked By Greatness, & Virtual Barber Shop!

  • Warwick University Rowing Girls, And Their Banned Calendar!

…you’ve been warned, friends. Today’s DUDE News is the perfect example of how this blog never covers any real news. We’re about to hit you with 4 links you’ll likely wanna hit, but none of which would be covered by any real news outlet, more than likely. Ok? OK. We’ll start with the Warwick University women’s rowing team. A bunch of fit British rowing girls, who posed nude for their second annual calendar. It raises funds for a cancer related charity, and this year’s photos got banned from Facebook. Have a look: http://goo.gl/nTM7yw

  • SoA Cigars? Yup, Those Exist!

…apparently, you can get Sons of Anarchy cigars. And it’s not just some cheap money making mercy scheme, apparently these things are pretty decent: http://goo.gl/WTiyYf

  • Mighty Ducks Characters, Ranked By Greatness!

…apparently, I’m not the only one who takes The Mighty Ducks movies WAY too seriously. Some dude did up a ranking of all the players from the movies, based upon their skill set. #1 may upset some people: http://goo.gl/BCTsxw

  • Virtual Barber Shop!

…and finally, someone showed me “Virtual Barber Shop” the other day, which will require some headphones. You plug in, press play on this YouTube link, and let your imagination take over. It’s a pretty legitimate haircut simulation, weirdly enough. See what I meant? No news here, gang!

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