The Mariah Carey/Terry Richardson Controversy, First Look At The New Avengers, Why We're Waiting So Long For New TOOL, & Skydiving Slip N Slide!

  • The Mariah Carey/Terry Richardson Controversy.

…so the Internet’s collectively pissed off right now, but I’m not sure with whom. Maybe they’re mad at Terry Richardson, maybe it’s Mariah Carey, maybe it’s society that they’re angry with. You might remember a few months ago, Mariah Carey did a Terry Richardson photo shoot, and no one could believe how good she looked at age 44. Well, turns out, the photos were REALLY touched up. Just how much? Here’s a comparison:

  • Avengers:Age Of Ultron…First Look!

…there’ll be more of a reveal next week at Comic Con in California, but yesterday we got our first look at “The Avengers: Age Of Ultron”. They’re calling this Marvel’s biggest movie EVER, because of course they are. So obviously, anticipation is high, and we’ll take whatever peeks they’ll give us. Have a look:

  • Why The Wait For New TOOL?

…it’s been 8 years since TOOL fans saw a new album, and the wait since 10,000 Days has grown fatiguing. Turns out, it’s not the band you should be pissed off at. Apparently it’s not for a lack of new material. They’re saying there’s another reason the wait’s been so long:

  • Slip And Slide…From 5,000 Feet!

…and finally, a pretty crazy video to wrap it up. The new trend amongst skydivers? It might be slip and slides. Yup, they used GoPros, and filmed themselves skydiving and landing on a giant slip and slide, from 5,000 feet:

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