Katie Holmes Topless In Glamour, Kurt Sutter On Emmy Snubs, The Inebriator, & Djokovic Vs Sharapova, In Tennis Golf?

  • Katie Holmes, Topless In Glamour!

…we’ll begin with Katie Holmes, who’s on the cover of Glamour magazine for August. It’s not incredibly risqué or anything, but she did elect to go topless. Perhaps worth a quick click this morning: http://goo.gl/29LMA9

  • Kurt Sutter, On Emmy Snubs.

…first off, I just need to get something off my chest. How the hell does Sons of Anarchy get completely shut out of the Emmy nods, but the Kardashians stand a chance at winning one? If you needed any more reason to stop caring about televised awards shows, there you go. Kurt Sutter, SoA’s showrunner wrote an op-ed piece about getting snubbed yesterday:http://goo.gl/EMsNNo

  • The Inebriator, I NEED THIS.

…good news? There’s a really great device called The Inebriator, that dispenses booze and mixes drinks for you. Ultimate man cave kinda shit. Bad news? At best, it’s just a blueprint for you to work off of, because this thing isn’t for sale…yet. Have a look: http://www.theinebriator.com/about/

  • Djokovic Vs Sharapova, In Tennis Golf?

…and finally, thanks for Rockaholic Matt McQueen for this link. Novak Djokovic vs Maria Sharapova, on the golf course, with tennis rackets and balls!

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