Cameron Diaz In Esquire, Seinfeld Night Looked Awesome, 10 GreatestAmerican Metal Bands, & Sam Bennett Goes Full Datsyuk!

  • Cameron Diaz KILLS IT In Esquire!

…you guys, I owe everyone an apology. I don’t know if it was just the Stampede hype that got to me, or the warm weather that distracted me from this piece of news. It was 7 days ago now, that Cameron Diaz appeared in Esquire magazine, and good Lord, these photos, man. Again, sorry this is a week late. I’d say it won’t happen again, but I’m only human. A human with Attention Deficit Disorder, at that!

  • Seinfeld Night Looked Awesome!

…AAA baseball gimmick nights are just the best. My most recent favourite? “Seinfeld Night”, hosted by the Brooklyn Cyclones. They had puffy shirt jerseys, the Soup Nazi slinging soup, a fattest wallet contest, and a bunch more awesome:

  • The 10 Greatest American Metal Bands!

…I do my best to minimize the amount of arbitrary rankings and lists inside DUDE News, because that’s just lazy blogging. But occasionally, a unique one piques my interest. With that in mind, here’s the 10 best American metal bands ever, apparently:

  • Sam Bennett Goes Full Datsyuk!

…and finally, despite the fact it’s early July and gorgeous outside, we’re still finding excuses to talk about hockey. Here’s Sam Bennett’s shootout goal from yesterday’s Flames development camp. It’s got everyone buzzing:

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