Bridesmaid Buttshots Are The Best, Rob Halford Fronted Sabbath, Astronaut Vines, & Sam Gagner's Lightning Tribute!

  • #BridesmaidButtshot…HALLELUJAH! 

…great news for everyone, as we roar into wedding season! As annoying as the grind of attending several hundred weddings over a summer can be, this is a real ray of sunshine. There’s a new hashtag trending on social media. You might wanna search #BridesmaidButtshot on Twitter and Instagram. It’s a new trend in wedding photos, and will help you kill time while you crush drinks at the toonie bar.

  • That Time Rob Halford Fronted Sabbath.

…you may or may not recall, but once upon a time in 1992, Rob Halford from Judas Priest had to front Black Sabbath for a night. Rolling Stone had a really cool flashback to that this weekend:

  • Astronaut Vines Are So Much Cooler Than Our Vines.

…that new astronaut in outer space? He’s becoming just as cool on social media as the last dude, Commander Hatfield. Reid Wiseman has started using Vine while he’s up there, and as you might imagine, Vines from outer space are cool as shit:

  • Sam Gagner, Never Forget.

…and finally, somebody did up a tribute video to Sam Gagner, thanking him for his service as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday. Grab the Kleenex:

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