Emily Ratajkowski's Back In GQ, Scotty Hartnell Stays Classy, Meet Ashley And Pampita, & GTA V As A First Person?

  • Emily Ratajkowski In GQ!

…we begin with the young lady that stole last summer. Emily Ratajkowski, the girl that everyone ended up remembering from Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. She just got the front page and a full multi-page article in the latest copy of GQ magazine. Come for the provocative beach photos, stay for a morning read if you want. The last part is optional. http://goo.gl/Ay54wf 

  • Scotty Hartnell Stays Classy On His Way Outta Philly!

…Scotty Hartnell’s a real classy dude. Say what you will about his numbers, and they can be spotty at times. But nobody’s never disliked having Hartnell on their team, be it fan or player. There’s just some guys you never hear a bad word about. Case in point, this letter that Hartsy wrote to Flyers fans, after he was traded on Monday: http://i.imgur.com/phKTZYO.jpg

  • Meet Ashley And Pampita!

…a couple more obscure names for today’s Gerry Forbes World Cups matchup, so I figured I’d post some Google Image results for you again. Representing Nigeria, Ashley Madekwe: http://goo.gl/dZ8aJW and Argentina’s female delegate, Pampita: http://goo.gl/wPuYtN

  • GTA V In The 1st Person?

…and finally, somebody online modded up Grand Theft Auto V, to show what the game might look like as a first person. Looks pretty good, actually:

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