Jessica Biel Wants Your Vote, An Oral History Of The Mighty Ducks, Shutting Someone Down With Smashmouth, & Sandra Bullock's Been Hot For At Least A Decade!

  • 2007 Jessica Biel Wants Your Vote Today!

…I figured it’d only be logical to incorporate our World Cups contestants into DUDE News, right? Give you a little more info, in order to help you make the most educated vote possible. We’ll start with Jessica Biel, here representing Switzerland. I figured the best evidence we could give would be Jessica’s most famous photo shoot ever, for GQ magazine, in 2007. Clearly an attempt to make people forget about her 7th Heaven role.

  • Mighty Ducks: An Oral History.

…I had multiple people tweet and email this when I was away, and it’s pretty cool. TIME magazine did an oral history of “The Mighty Ducks”, with the creators, writers, and most of the actors. If you watched any or all the Mighty Ducks movies, you might wanna give this a read. It also talks about the possibility of a fourth movie, which I call dibs on writing.

  • Shutting Someone Down With Smashmouth!

…this story went viral yesterday, probably for a couple reasons. One, because everyone’s had to deal with a creepy texter, be it male or female. Two, because everyone knows the words to Smashmouth’s “All Star”. With no further ado, a woman deals with some creepy dude’s texts by feeding him Smashmouth lyrics:

  • Sandra Bullock as Hot For At Least A Decade.

…and finally, today’s other World Cups qualifier, Sandra Bullock, on behalf of France. Here’s video of Sandra receiving the “Decade Of Hotness” award the other night, at Spike’s Guys Choice Awards. 

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