Emily Sears Is A Model, Fishing Is The New Golf For Some NHLers, Disney Goes Walking Dead, & Finnish Hillbillies Covering Iron Maiden!

  • Emily Sears Welcomes Us Back!

…first DUDE News in 2 weeks, and I really didn’t want it to suck. Spent all kinds of time, making sure the lady we kicked off with today would be worthy of your attention. Rest assured, she’s spectacular. Her name’s Emily Sears, and I have no idea what she does for a living, outside of being photographed provocatively in LA sports team’s gear. Enjoy the gallery! http://goo.gl/dY27VK 

  • Apparently Fishing Is The New Golf, For NHLers.

…I know when we picture hockey players in the off-season, it’s usually golf. All the most popular cliches and punchlines when a team gets eliminated from Stanley Cup contention? The revolve around golf. But apparently, fishing is the new off season thing for a bunch of players: http://goo.gl/WEHGjH

  • Disney Goes Walking Dead?

…more proof that the Internet has way too much time on it’s hand. What if your favourite Disney characters were given the Walking Dead treatment? Here’s what it might look like: http://goo.gl/YIg2nx

  • Finnish Hillbillies Covering Maiden!

…and finally, a bunch of hillbillies in Finland covering Iron Maiden. No, it isn’t really isn’t news, but neither were the 3 previous links. It’s nice to see we’ve picked up right where we left off 2 weeks ago, isn’t it?

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