Brittney Palmer's Calendar Preview, D-Day Beaches: Then And Now, 21 Gnarly Disneyland Stories, & OWL MAN Scares The Piss Outta Tourists!

  • Brittney Palmer’s Calendar Should Be AWESOME.

…our old friend UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer is gearing up for her 2015 calendar, and offering a bunch of sneak peeks at the calendar pics. Holy hell, you guys. This is the last DUDE News for a couple weeks, and I’m real stoked this is how we’re kicking it off:

  • D-Day Beaches: Then & Now.

…the D-Day anniversary is tomorrow, June the 6th, so I wanted to make sure I got this in today. Allied forces landed on the Normandy beaches in 1944, and here’s what the beaches look like 70 years later:

  • 21 Gnarly Disneyland Stories!

…some great reading here. 21 Disneyland employees share the craziest thing they’ve ever seen at the park. This is why the Internet RULES:

  • Owl Man Is The BEST!

…and finally, if you haven’t seen the “Owl Man” video that went viral yesterday, it’s SPECTACULAR. To promote an upcoming Scottish horror flick, they placed a dude in an owl costume in an abandoned hospital, and had him scare the piss out of tourists!

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