Kate Upton In The Men Magazine, A Lame Hipster Band Tries To Pick A Fight With Metallica, Drew Doughty Got Really Excited, And Wheatus Is Still A Thing!

  • Kate Upton’s Got New Photos!!!

…stop everything you’re doing, and click these new Kate Upton photos. She’s in the June 2014 edition of “The MEN” magazine, and wooooooooah, dude. She’s blowing bubbles, eating candy necklaces, and wearing all sorts of lingerie: http://goo.gl/RFp0M3

  • Some Lame Hipster Band Is Trashing Metallica…

…I almost didn’t wanna blog this, but it’s funny enough we might as well. Some shitty Scottish hipster band is talking a bunch of smack on Metallica, as they get ready to play on the same bill as them at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival. Multiple band members talking about how bad ‘tallica is, but the whole thing just reeks of jealousy and hipster BS. Oh, and apparently they might be playing on a different stage at the exact same time, so they’re probably just trying to attract more people to their stage on the off chance they’ll take a break from playing their mopey noise and talk some more trash about one of the biggest bands ever. Frig off: http://goo.gl/F7DbCL

  • Drew Doughty Got REALLY Excited The Other Night.

…if you didn’t see Drew Doughty’s reaction to the Kings beating the Hawks the other night, it’s all over the Internet right now, and it’s pretty funny: https://vine.co/v/MpilOHZ56Pb

  • Hey Guys, Wheatus Is Still A Thing!

…and finally, remember Wheatus? The dudes who sang “Teenage Dirtbag”? Well, they’re back, with a new song, and a music video that’s all LEGO!

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