Chapman University's Undie Run, A New Badass Astronaut On Twitter, Creamsicle Beer, & Mortal Kombat X!

  • Chapman University’s Undie Run!

…Chapman University is a smaller post secondary school based in Orange, California. About 7,000 students, from what I can tell. Why is this leading off your DUDE News? Because ever year around this time, Chapman students do the “Undie Run”, which is exactly like it sounds. A bunch of college kids in underwear, running. For the love of God, Calgary college kids. GET ON THIS. The photos are awesome:

  • There’s A New Badass Astronaut On Twitter!

…if you’re looking for someone cool to follow on Twitter, there’s another astronaut that’s really embraced social media the same way Commander Hatfield did last year. His name’s Reid Wiseman, and he tweets some REALLY cool shit:

  • Creamsicle Beer Is A Real Thing?!

…craft beer fans, you’ll dig this. Creamsicle beer is no longer just some weird food/booze hybrid dream you’ve had after eating too many Creamsicles while drunk. Say hello to the Tangerine Dreamsicle:

  • Mortal Kombat X Is Coming!

…and finally, the video that set the Internet on fire yesterday! Mortal Combat X gets confirmed, with a badass trailer. Holy hell, this should be CRAZY! 

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