Kate Upton's Armpit, A Bunch Of 90's Bands That'll Play For Cheap, Socioeconomics & Heavy Metal, & Luigi's Death Stare!

  • Kate Upton’s Armpit Is All The Talk!

…so Kate Upton just did a new photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. That part’s not really the news. What people are talking about is Kate’s armpit. Yes, you read that right. While we’re used to focusing on a few of Kate’s other assets, all the talk right now centres around her armpit, and some shoddy photoshop. Did Kate show up with hairy armpits? Who knows! http://goo.gl/jDu7Hm

  • A Bunch Of 90’s Bands That’ll Play For Cheap!

…here’s a cool list from AUX TV. A bunch of forgotten 90’s bands that you can book fairly cheap for a private party. You guys, we could book Filter OR Lit for just 10 grand! http://goo.gl/GtVH7z

  • Socioeconomics And Heavy Metal?

…if you’ve got a few minutes, this is a really cool read. You might not think a country’s wealth or quality of life has anything to do with how much heavy metal music they have, but according to this piece from Rolling Stone, there might be a direct correlation: http://goo.gl/2JYkjK

  • Luigi’s Death Stare Went Viral!

…and finally, I still can’t stop laughing at this YouTube clip from MarioKart 8. It went from 10,000 views yesterday to 423,000 today, and counting. Behold, Luigi’s death stare:

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