Charlize Theron In Lingerie, Axl Rose ISN'T The Greatest Singer Ever, True Detective Season 2, & Some EA:UFC Gameplay!

  • Charlize Theron, In Lingerie, In Esquire UK!

…you guys, for the second straight day, we’ve got a big name Hollywood actress posing for provocative photos. What a blessed day and age we live in. This time, it’s Charlize Theron, wearing lace lingerie, in Esquire UK. I presume it’s to promote “1,000 Ways To Die In The West”, but let’s be honest, is he WHY really important here?

  • Turns Out Axl Isn’t The Greatest Singer Ever.

…remember last week, when I posted an article that had Concert Hotels claiming they’d established who the greatest singer of all time was? Well, turns out, it isn’t Axl Rose. He had the widest vocal range out of all the big names they tested. But when you expand the search, it’s actually a different rock vocalist who comes out on top:

  • True Detective Season 2…

…when you have as good of a first season as True Detective did on HBO, the off season rumours are bound to get crazy. Who’s gonna star in season 2? Where’s it gonna be set? How many lead characters? There’s actually been a Brad Pitt rumour flying around for a while, apparently.Thankfully, some of those questions are starting to get answered:


…and finally, some gameplay footage from EA:UFC, which drops June 17th. I seriously can’t wait for this thing to hit shelves. Watch an entire round of Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis, right NOW:

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