Paulina Gretzky's Olive Branch, Jurassic World's Plot Might've Leaked, The Greatest Vocalist Of All Time (Apparently), & Steve Carrell's Foxcatcher!

  • Paulina Gretzky Has An Olive Branch For You!

…don’t you worry, Paulina Gretzky hasn’t forgotten about you. Granted, since getting engaged, she’s been slightly less provocative, and not quite as active on social media as she was before. But the photos still come, in spurts. It’s almost like Paulina extending an olive branch, saying, “Hey you, don’t worry, I’m still here.”:

  • The Jurassic World Plot Might’ve Leaked…Uh Oh.

…there’s a source online that’s claiming to have the leaked plot for “Jurassic World”, which is out next summer. If this is legit, you’re either gonna love how ridiculous it is, or seriously reevaluate going to see it at all. Have a look:

  • The Best Vocalist EVER?

…some website called Concert Hotels says they’ve figured out who the greatest singer of all time is. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, there’s basically no way of settling that debate. They’ve used vocal range to determine who they think is the best, and the answer may/may not surprise you. It’s a CJAY artist you’re real familiar with:

  • Steve Carrell’s Foxcatcher Looks CREEPY.

…and finally, the trailer for Steve Carrell’s new movie with Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo. It’s called “Foxcatcher”, it’s nothing you’ve ever seen from Carrell before, and it’s generating all kinds of buzz at the Cannes Film Fest right now:

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