Alison Brie In Vanity Fair, A New BatSuit & Batmobile, Looks Rad, & Mulaney Looks Kinda Like Seinfeld...

  • Alison Brie’s In Vanity Fair!

…remember the Miss March Madness tournament we did? Good times. Good times until a few certain young ladies got absolutely robbed/upset in their brackets. One of the biggest upsets might’ve been Mad Men/Community star Alison Brie. I REALLY expected her to go deep in the tourney and duke it out with the heavyweights in the Elite 8. I’m bringing this up because Alison has some new photos for Vanity Fair, and they only add to the outrage that she was bounced from the tournament early:

  • New BatSuit & Batmobile!

…in case you missed it yesterday, we got our first look at Ben Affleck & Zack Snyder’s take on Batman. A different costume, and a new Batmobile too! Have a look:

  • Spud.Ca Looks Pretty Cool.

…if you don’t wanna eat like total s*** this summer, there’s a pretty rad program that I’ve heard about from a couple different people now. It’s only done in Vancouver, Victoria, LA, San Francisco, and Calgary. Fresh produce dropped off on your doorstep, for a weekly fee, pretty cool:

  • Mulaney, Which Might Be Kinda Like Seinfeld.

…and finally, FOX has a new show on the way this fall, called “Mulaney”. For a few different reasons, the Internet is already drawing a TON of comparisons to Seinfeld. See for yourself:

  • Want More DUDE Stuff?

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