Meet Bryony Morganna, 80's Hair Bands (Then & Now), Muppets TV Rumours, & Watch Dogs Looks INSANE!

Meet Bryony Morganna!

…her name’s Bryony Morganna, and from what I can tell she’s a model. No other info to give you. No movies she’s been in, no TV shows, no known celebrity affiliations. She is really attractive, if that helps. Maybe she’s on her way to bigger and better things. Or maybe she’s just a hot British model for you to start your Tuesday with. Either way, it’s worth your click:

All Your Favourite 80’s Hair Bands, In 2014.

…somebody did a “where are they now?” photo gallery, full of some of the most popular 80’s hair bands. It’s every bit as entertaining as you’re assuming. Spoiler alert, the dudes from Stryper don’t look an less lame than they did in the mid 80’s. Just a different kind of lame:

Muppets Coming Back To TV?!

…great news if you’re a fan of the Muppets, and more specifically, The Muppet Show. It looks like we’re gonna get Muppets back on our TV sets, which isn’t really that surprising, considering they're owned by the evil empire, Disney, intent on bastardizing every fond memory of our childhoods. Sorry, that got dark. Here’s the Muppet TV rumours:

Watch Dogs Looks INSANE.

…and finally, Watch Dogs might be the most anticipate video game in recent memory. The graphics look insane, it’s on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and the trailer looks like an HBO drama, for God’s sake. Have a look, this thing drops May 27th:

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