Mariah Carey's Terry Richardson Photos, Led Zep In A Sex Club, CanAm's New 6-Wheeler, & Some Dude's 3-Year BADASS Selfie!

Mariah Carey, As Shot By Terry Friggin’ Richardson.

…it’s been pretty well documented, how just about every famous hot chick on the face of this earth has either done a photo shoot with Terry Richardson, or wants to do a photo shoot with ol’ Terry Richardson. I don’t know how Terry does it, but his resume is INSANE. You can now add Mariah Carey to the list of sexy females who have spent some time with Terry and his cameras. Here’s the lingerie photos, for Wonderland. magazine:

Led Zep In A Sex Club, Circa 1973.

…the stories surrounding Led Zeppelin’s heyday are downright legendary. The things they did, and the places they did them, all badass. So it shouldn’t surprise you at all to hear that the band chose a Swedish sex club as the venue to receive some gold records in March of 1973. And now, the photos are going up for sale:

Can-Am’s New 6-Wheeler Is SICK.

…if you like outdoor toys, drink this in. Can-Am’s new ATV is a 6x6, and as badass as it sounds. Imagine the fun you could have with 6 wheels:

A 3 Year BADASS Selfie.

…and finally, this is a male selfie we can all get behind. Some dude took a GoPro on a stick around the world, and snagged 3 seconds of video at every badass spot he hit over the course of 3 years. It’s a selfie we can get on board with:

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