Emmy Rossum In Esquire Mag, The Pink Tutu Project, Hollywood's Most Overpaid, + Russian UFO Footage!

Emmy Rossum In Esquire!

…if you’re not watching “Shameless”, a dark comedy on Showtime, you’re really missing out. The cast is great, the production’s really cool, the storyline is solid, and Emmy Rossum plays the female lead. She’s stunning, and she’s on the cover of Esquire magazine for January 2014. The pictures just might blow your mind: http://is.gd/zJzXGV

The Pink Tutu Project.

…probably the coolest link you’ll click this week. Here’s the story of a dude who travelled around the world, snapping pictures of himself in a ridiculous pink tutu. Why? To make his wife laugh, and help lift her spirits while she underwent chemotherapy: http://is.gd/vcnssv

Hollywood’s Most Overpaid.

…every year, Forbes magazine releases a list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors. It’s a simple calculation, really. Take the actor’s wage and stack it against how much the movie actually made. Who’s the most overpaid? Find out HERE: http://is.gd/4q7IVY

Russian UFO Footage?!

…and finally, something for the conspiracy theorists. Apparently, this video comes from leaked KGB files in Russia, and shows a UFO crash from 1969:

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