E Directs 30 For 30, Gran Turismo Movie, Catching Up With Diamond Dallas Page, + Trailer For 47 Ronin!

E” Does “30 For 30”!

...you might not know him as Kevin Connolly. He was “E” on Entourage. Recognize him now? Well not only was he a character on one of the greatest dude shows EVER, he’s also a HUGE hockey fan. More specifically a New York Islanders superfan. So much so, ESPN has him directing an episode of “30 For 30”, about a certain New York Islander. More on THAT, HERE: http://is.gd/gY8Ucm

Gran Turismo, THE MOVIE?!

...fans of popular Playstation franchise “Gran Turismo”, get STOKED! They’re planning a Gran Turismo movie. Because if there’s one sure fire money maker in this world, it’s a movie with car races: http://is.gd/OtNekX

Can Diamond Dallas Save Wrestling’s Walking Dead?

...it’s a bit of a long read, but if you’ve got time, and you’re a wrestling fan, you might wanna click this one. Catching up with former wrestling great Diamond Dallas Page, courtesy of the dudes over at Deadspin: http://is.gd/TydpEA

47 Ronin: Official Trailer!

...and how about we wrap up with a movie trailer that’s got everybody talking? The new one starring Keanu Reeves, so you know it’ll be hard hitting, and chalk-full of emotion! All kidding aside, it looks badass. Samurai Keanu, beating the shit out of monsters, basically: 

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