Alison Brie Does Esquire, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, Pikini Might Be The Greatest App EVER, Dumb and Dumber Inception?

Alison Brie In Esquire! know Alison Brie, the pretty girl from “Community” and “Mad Men”? She just did an EARTH-SHATTERING photo shoot for Esquire magazine. Don’t believe that “earth shattering” was appropriate phrasing for a photo shoot? Have a look at these photos, and tell me I’m wrong:

Vanilla Ice Is Token Amish?

...what’s Vanilla Ice up to? Oh not much, just hanging out with Amish people, learning stuff, and filming it all for TV. No, seriously.

The Pikini App Just Might Change Your Life... God, technology is a beautiful, majestic thing. Apparently they’re developing and testing an app that will filter your Facebook feed, to highlight only bikini photos, that your friends have posted. BOOM. The future is now:

Harry And Lloyd Get Incepted?

...remember a couple years ago, when people online were redoing movie trailers, “Inception style”, if you will? I missed this one, and it’s pretty great. Dumb and Dumber: “Inception Style”:

Prize Password:

“I’m talkin about a little place called Assssssspen.”

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