Hot Instagram Athletes, FBI's Juggalo Files, What's Happened Since The Blackhawks Last Lost, Ref Cam!

Hot Instagram Athletes!

...they may not have much to offer when it comes to reading material, but the dudes over at Maxim magazine have a pretty good eye when it comes to pretty girls. Case in point? Their list of the sexiest female athletes that you can follow on Instagram. Enjoy!

The FBI’s Juggalo Files.

...ready for a good laugh? Apparently the FBI keeps tabs on the followers of the Insane Clown Posse, known as “juggalos”. Essentially, they monitor them like they would a gang. And now, we get a look at those FBI files on juggalos:

A Lot Changes In 319 Days!’s been 319 days since the Chicago Blackhawks lost a game in regulation. That’s a long time, kids. To put it in perspective, here’s a cool list. 14 things that were different the last time the Hawks lost a game inside 60 minutes:

The Ref Cam?! 

...if we’re lucky, this will become a trend in every professional sport. It’s a GoPro camera mounted on top of the referee’s head during a rugby match. And added camera angle is AWESOME: 

Prize Password:

“You know what CJAY needs? A video camera on JD’s head.”

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