DUDE News: Mila Kunis Does 1960's Fashion, Friday Inspiration, Details On The Finale Of The Office, Steve-O On Strombo!

Mila Goes Back A Few Decades!

...we’ll begin with a Mila Kunis photo gallery. Because we can. And because it’s doubtful that ANYONE could make 60’s fashion look THIS good: http://is.gd/IdwCK9

A Little Inspiration For Friday...

...some Friday inspiration? Look no further. How about a story about a high school football with only one arm, who’s just been offered a college football scholarship. Oh, and it’s no sympathy scholarship, you’ll be able to tell from the highlights inside this link, the dude can PLAY. Very cool story, and it’s right HERE: http://is.gd/zolZIo

When Do We Say Goodbye To Dunder Mifflin?

...we now know a little bit more about the series finale of NBC’s “The Office”. We’ve got the date for the final episode, and we’ve got the final answer as to whether or not Michael Scott will return. All your details for the 200th and final episode, right HERE: http://is.gd/ULJeF6

Steve-O On Strombo!

...and I’ve been meaning to get this link into DUDE News for a while now. Steve-O was on Strombo recently, and the interview was pretty cool. He talked personal struggles, the death of Ryan Dunn, and life after Jackass. Watch for yourself:

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